Experiencing CBT from the Inside Out:
A Self-Practice/Self-Reflection Workshop

Anna Ehnvall KBT-Kompetens och Västsvenska Föreningen för KBT anordnar workshop

James Bennett-Levy, Ph.D. Professor of Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing University of Sydney, Australia

Datum: 7 september 2017. Tid: 9.30-16.30
Plats: Hotell Riverton, Stora Badhusgatan 26, Göteborg
Pris Medlem sfKBT eller Medlem BTF: 1650:- +moms förmiddags och eftermiddagsfika ingår
Pris icke medlem: 1950:- + moms förmiddags och eftermiddagsfika ingår
Anmälan: Senast anmälan 15 augusti 2017 till sfKBT hemsida eller för medlemmar i BTF anmäl till anna@ehnvallkbtkompetens.se

CBT is a creative, collaborative, compassionate therapy. Contemporary versions of CBT, such as that represented in Experiencing CBT from the Inside Out: A self-practices/self-reflection Workbook for Therapists (Bennett-Levy et al., 2015) assert the primacy of experiential techniques (e.g. imagery, behavioural experiments) in creating change, and may include strengths-based and body-oriented interventions, use of metaphor, and even music. As A.T Beck has remarked: “CBT is theoretically coherent, but methodologically permissive.”

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the Old and New Ways of Being Model featured in Experiencing CBT from the Inside Out. They will have the opportunity to experience for themselves the power of CBT, and start to create new ways of being.

The purpose of the workshop is twofold: firstly, to enhance CBT skills with client through self-practice and self-reflection; and secondly we anticipate that some therapists may experience personal, as well as professional benefits – for instance, greater self-awareness and/or enhanced self-care through focusing on a personal or professional issue which has been of mild to moderate (but NB not major) concern.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Have experienced for themselves a contemporary approach to CBT, including the Ways of Being model
  • Have new understandings about the value of CBT
  • Have refined their CBT skills, adding a dimension grounded in personal practice
  • Have gained increased confidence in the use of diverse CBT skills
  • Had the opportunity to use CBT to make personal as well as professional changes (e.g. enhanced self-care, resolving a personal or professional issue)

Key Reference:

Bennett-Levy, J., Thwaites, R., Haarhoff, B., & Perry, H. (2015). Experiencing CBT from the inside out: A self-practice/self-reflection workbook for therapists. New York: Guilford.